Why I’m Running

Growing-up in OKC, voting wasn’t part of the conversation about how to be a good citizen.  Those duties mostly consisted of keeping to yourself, being “the best” in whatever you put your mind to, and “Don’t be breaking the law while you’re breaking the law.”

I talk with so many Oklahomans who are passionate about their communities and their state, but feel so disconnected from the process of governing. They are disheartened by the system and would rather disengage than be disappointed.

Oklahoma has one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the entire country.  Even though I was registered to vote at 18, I didn’t cast my first ballot until I was 30 - I know I’m not the only one in this boat.  This was after I realized that I’d been purged from the voter rolls for being an “inactive voter.”  

Voting in Oklahoma, while easy in theory, has its barriers to participation, and voter purges are only one of the problems.  Even for voters who are ready to participate, there aren’t always opportunities because too many of our State Legislators are running unopposed, or in races that will be decided in a closed primary because candidates from only one party are on the ballot.

This is why I am running as an Independent and why I will be documenting my process along the way. I hope this campaign can help demystify what it takes to be a Candidate for Office in Oklahoma, and inspire others to step up and step into the process.

My Values

  • Everyone gets a voice at the table. I’m here to listen and represent YOU.

  • Kindness, respect, and understanding above all else. We need it in our communities and we need it in the Capitol.

  • Quality of life for all Oklahomans. Housing, taxes, education, and access to resources all contribute to creating a high quality of life for the people living in this state.

    Read more about David on Ballotpedia.

Federal EIN: 99-2251621
Ethics Commission ID: 11546

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